City People Should Copy Farm Ethics

City People Should Copy Farm Ethics

Farm ethics still dominate in rural America.

If you have a problem in urban America, you're likely on your own. It's not like rural America, where the farm ethic still dominates. Out in farm country you are your brother's keeper, and if he is in trouble, you help out the best you can. Fear of strangers and too many stories of would be helpers ending up hurt or killed have convinced many urbanites to mind their own business.

Recently my daughter's car broke down on the Interstate. She nursed it down a major exit ramp at rush hour and barely got it off to the side of the road. I arrived, and stood there with it while she took my car home. I had an hour wait for a tow truck. I felt like I was on the edge of the highway, not an exit ramp, because commuters whizzed by one after another. Even a police car went by. The hood was up. But nobody stopped.

Finally, after an hour and just before the wrecker arrived, someone did stop. It was someone with military training. If there is another group besides farmers that understands the buddy system, it is military people. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the car going- that's another story. But he made sure I was alright before he left.
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