Hoosiers Amongst Those Elected in Farm Credit Elections

Hoosiers Amongst Those Elected in Farm Credit Elections

Indiana people will take spots on influential board.

Whether you do business with Farm Credit Services of mid-America or not, you surely realize they're one of the major ag lenders in this part of the country. This particular Farm Credit Association is based in Louisville, and serves Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. Recent documents say the company is a $17.5 billion dollar financial cooperative.

An 18-member board made up of owners of the co-op- anyone who holds stock and who is elected by their peers, directs the operation of the business. Recently, Kaye Whitehead, Seldom Rest Farms, Muncie, was elected as a new board member in district-wide elections. She and husband Bill operate a hog business and also farm considerable acreage near Muncie. Their daughter, Lucy Whitehead, is part of the National FFA staff, and is also involved in the farming operation.

Their hog operation is farrow-to finish. Whitehead has served on a number of boards and in several leadership positions in Indiana agriculture. She received her college degree from the University of Kentucky. She and her husband were named Master Farmers in 1987. The program is now co-sponsored by Indiana Prairie Farmer magazine, part of the Farm Progress family, and the Purdue University College of Agriculture.

In addition, Kathryn Eschbacher-Timberlake, also form Indiana, was elected to complete the unexpired term of a former director. She will serve for two years. She hails from Mauckport, located along the Ohio River is Harrison County. Her term expires in October of 2013.

Working full-time off the farm outside of agriculture, she also owns a 206 acre farm and raises polled Hereford cattle, plus crops, including timber. She has also been active in several industry organizations, and graduated from Sullivan University in Louisville, Ky.

In addition to the Board of Directors, members of the cooperative select a nominating committee to come up with nominations for board of director positions for the next election of the Farm Credit Board. Serving on the 2012 election committee are five Hoosiers. They include Darwin Brewer of Rushville, Michael Cox of Fowler, Alan Mohler of Lebanon, Mark Townsend of Hartford City, and Larry Underwood of West Lafayette.

Townsend, who operates a large hog operation in Blackford and Grant Counties, is also a Master Farmer. He was honored in 2006. This committee, which includes five members from each state, will nominate the 2012 slate of board members for next year's election.
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