It's Just What Farmers Do!

It's Just What Farmers Do!

When the chips are down, farmers chip in!

Charlie Records is still recovering from injuries suffered in a freak accident earlier this fall. Meanwhile, Records, Newberry, hasn't had to stew and fret about getting his crops out of the field. Neighbors have pitched in and helped.

Sometimes in the modern rat race that is farming today, it's easy to lose sight that farm families are still special people form special stock. Kerry Graves, Greene County, hasn't lost sight of that element. He was honored when he and his dad were asked by one of the people organizing the effort to get the inured farmer's crops out. They helped get the last crops out of the field.

"That's just what we do as farmers," Graves says. "We may be competitive on some things, but when somebody is in a real bind and needs help, you can count on help being there. It makes me feel proud to be part of such an effort."

Holly Spangler of Prairie Farmer, a sister publication to Indiana Prairie Farmer, captured the same spirit in a recent column she wrote. Spangler authors My Generation, and deals with topics that affect young farmers especially. Her generation is young families with kids, who are 35 to 40 years of age coming their way, even if they haven't reached it yet.

You can access her column in the Web Exclusives section on our Website. It was featured as the Web Exclusive publicized in the November issue of Indiana Prairie Farmer. In addition, you will find other pieces about the same subject.

Contrast that to my own experience, standing alone along an exit ramp at rush hour a few weeks ago, babysitting my daughter's dead car until a wrecker could arrive. I stood there for an hour. Hundreds of cars whizzed by me as I stood there. Just about the time it struck me how no one stopped to see if I needed help, not even police cars that passed, and just before the wrecker arrived, a car finally stopped.

He wasn't a farmer, but he was a military man. If any other group of people understand the need to band together and help each other.  It would be military personnel.

So here's to the people of Greene County who are helping out their neighbor, and to all of you everywhere who do this without even giving it a second thought when the need arises.
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