Grandma’s Sugar Crème Pie

A recipe for any of the legislators that want sugar as official pie.

Just in case the legislature needs an official recipe for the ‘official’ Indiana pie, here is a sure-fire recipe worth consideration. My late mother-in-law made a mouth watering pie using this recipe.


Old Fashion Crème Pie

(From Virginia German, Huntertown)


Start with one cup white sugar, one-half cup brown sugar, one-half cup flour, and  one teaspoon of salt. Mix these dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Add one cup boiling water, one cup of light crème (Half and Half), and one half teaspoon vanilla. Stir the ingredients together, and pour into a 9-inch unbaked pie crust. Add two tablespoons butter (cut into pieces and dabbed over the pie) and one-half teaspoon nutmeg on top. Bake for 45-50 minutes, or until set, at 350 degrees. Enjoy!   

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