RIDE, DON’T WALK! Kids born within the past 10 years will get to farm with the convenience of “tools” like this brand-new Gator, so they can ride, not walk, to fix fence or check crops.

10 reasons I wish I’d been born 20 years later

Would you choose a different era to grow up in if you could?

On one hand, I wish I had been born 20 years earlier than I was. Check out why in Part 1 of this three-part series. On the other hand, there are plenty of days when I wish I was 20 years younger, and not just for health and fitness reasons.

If you could travel back or forth in time, where would you go?

Here are 10 reasons why I wish I had born 20 years later, in the ’70s instead of the ’50s.

1. No weed-whackers or scythes. No sir! I could have cut under the electric fence that kept the cows in with a Weed Eater.

2. Less walking. And I could have gotten out to the pasture on a three-wheeler, maybe even a four-wheeler by then. Why walk everywhere when you can ride?

3. Push-button farming. OK, maybe this wasn’t as advanced yet in the ’90s when I would have reached farming age. But pushing a button on the silo unloader beats the heck out of climbing up and forking it down by hand.

4. No moldboard plows. By the ’90s, most people were figuring out there were better ways to farm than plow red hills. The hills were red because they had been plowed too many times already, and too much topsoil had washed away, leaving reddish clay on top.

5. More girls in Purdue Ag! It’s not sexist — it’s fact. If I had attended Purdue from 1991-95, there would have been more female students than from 1971-75.

6. Digital cameras. A Kodak engineer invented the first crude digital camera in 1975, but his own bosses thought he was crazy. By the time I would have needed a camera for work in the late ’90s, I could have avoided film and things like forgetting to hook the film tag on the spool

7. No stranger to internet. I would have been on computers when the internet started, and understood from the beginning how it worked. Maybe it wouldn’t be as intuitive to me as it is to my second-grade grandchild, but I could likely do more than I can now.

8. Yield monitors. I wouldn’t have grown up using one, but they certainly wouldn’t have been foreign to me since they hit the scene in the early 1990s. I would probably “speak GPS” more fluently today too, and be less scared of technology in general. Perhaps I’d have a better handle on what’s coming next.

9. Cellphone guru. Well, maybe not a guru. But the first cellphone I owned likely would not have been a bag phone. And the first time I saw someone pull out a flip phone at a farm auction and start speaking into the little device, I wouldn’t have wondered what in the world he was doing.

10. No weed wiper wands. The hottest I’ve ever been in my life was in the late ’70s, wiping a stand of shattercane with glyphosate with a hand-held weed wiper in a soybean field in the hot sun. Before I turned 40, hand-held weed wipers were ready for museums, and glyphosate-tolerant soybeans were on a roll.

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