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PAYOFF: Fall is the time when all the hard work pays off and you get to harvest a crop.

10 reasons why fall, winter are my favorite seasons

Call me strange, but I’ll take a cool day over the Fourth of July heat any time.

Call me crazy! You certainly won’t be the first to do so. But for my money, my favorite seasons of the year are fall and winter. It may have something to do with the fact that my body simply can’t stand hot days. But cool days can be invigorating.

You can tell me why you like spring and summer. I’ll stick with the months straight ahead, and here are 10 reasons why.

10. When the frost is on the pumpkin, there’s no fog making it hard to see. The fog froze! I can’t see in the fog, but I can see just fine with sunlight glistening off a frosty morning scene.

9. Cleaning ice off the truck windshield makes you appreciate a semiheated garage. I bet your parents didn’t have an attached, heated garage. Our only problem is ours isn’t big enough to get the truck in — at least not until we clear out the junk.

8. Colored leaves are beautiful — until they fall. There is a disadvantage to having nearly six dozen trees around your house and barn. But that’s OK, I chop them up with the mower.

7. Grandkids love to jump in leaf piles. I did too, when I was 10. What I didn’t appreciate was when my young grandson built his leaf pile over the metal leaf rake his aunt left in the yard. It took a solid hour to untangle that rake from underneath my brand-new mower deck.

6. Hallmark movies are on TV! Darrell Boone, Wabash, Ind., is a great contributing writer for us, and he wrote an excellent book about his late son. But he can’t understand why I like Hallmark Christmas movies. He doesn’t seem to get that it’s two months I don’t have to watch cooking shows, which my wife prefers.

5. I love hot chocolate. If you’re really cold, nothing warms you up like a cup of hot chocolate. I prefer the kind made with real milk, not the fake stuff. And you can toss in a few marshmallows, too.

4. Thanksgiving feast —  need I say more? That might be a little tough this year since the good doctor said I need to lose a few pounds. But then again, he won’t be invited to our family get-together, so he won’t know! Besides the turkey, Thanksgiving is a day of fun, talking with relatives you don’t see every day and dreaming of Christmas shopping.

3. Payoff for the year comes with the crop harvest. This one has to be near the top of the list. As a boy on the farm, I was constantly trying to calculate yield per acre as the combine rolled by. All the hard work finally pays off. Even if the crop isn’t worth what it should be, it’s fulfilling to see what you can raise off an acre these days when Mother Nature cooperates

2. The first snow is always exciting! And flurries don’t count! There is something about anticipating a snow, backing my utility tractor in the garage, ready to scoop out the driveway, and then seeing the fresh snow — it’s exhilarating. At least it is until the snow thrower won’t start and I have to do the walks by hand.

1. My favorite reason is the reason for the season. Winter has Christmas, and Christmas celebrates when it all began — when Jesus came as a baby. Without that beginning, there would be nothing but an end. Here’s hoping you enjoy celebrating Christmas for all the right reasons this year.

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