Online Scholarship in Full Communications

Online Scholarship in Full Communications

CAO encourages students to become advocates for agriculture.

Participation in the Animal Agriculture Alliance's College Aggies Online scholarship competition has nearly doubled for its second year to 577 students. College students can interact on the CAO network by posting blogs, photos and videos related to agriculture and engage in online outreach via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. CAO members earn points for each blog, photo and video they post and for other activities. Students are encouraged to share what they learn on CAO with their peers and community.

The Alliance partnered with American National CattleWomen, Inc. to launch CAO and help college students become more confident advocates for the agriculture industry. 

Kay Johnson Smith, Alliance Executive Vice President, calls it very exciting to see the passion for promoting agriculture expressed by the students.

The winners of this year's contest will be announced April 1, 2011. At this point, the Alliance says Jessie McClellan, a student at Casper College in Wyoming, holds the high individual score. Casper College also tops the group standings.

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